October 9, 2012


7:00 PM – The regular meeting of the Brookneal Town Council

The municipal government of the Town of Brookneal met with the following members present:

Phyllis Campbell, Mayor

James Nowlin, Vice Mayor

Robert Jean, Richard Adams, Barbara Laprade, and Mark Wilkes, Council Members

Bobbie Waller, Clerk/Treasurer

Mike Crews, Public Works Director

Ricky Baldwin, Police Chief

Absent:  Tracy Meisenbach, Council Member and Russell Thurston, Town Manager



Upon motion by Robert Jean, seconded by Richard Adams, and unanimously carried, Council approved the agenda for the October 9, 2012, regular meeting of the Brookneal Town Council.


Upon motion by Mark Wilkes, seconded by Robert Jean, and unanimously carried, Council approved the September 11, 2012, Town Council meeting minutes. 


Mayor Campbell asked that the October 2012 treasurer's report be filed for audit.



Be it resolved that motion was made by James Nowlin, seconded by Richard Adams, and unanimously carried, authorizing the payment of the invoices for the period of September 12, 2012, to October 9, 2012, in the amount of $13,544.16.


No one appeared during public comment.   


Chief Richard Baldwin presented the police report to the Council for September 2012.  Of the 99 calls for service, the Brookneal Police Department answered 81 and Campbell County answered 18.  Chief Baldwin said that the Town received confirmation that the USDA grant for a police vehicle has been accepted and $21,000 was available for a new police vehicle.  He said the total cost for a 2013 Dodge Charger, with radio, emergency equipment, and police car graphics is $29,348.  He said that since the town has been setting aside money toward a police vehicle, there is $12,460.93 in that fund to cover the difference.  Chief Baldwin also suggested that instead of liquidating one of the 2003 Crown Victorias after receipt of the new vehicle, to instead keep it for parts.

Councilperson Adams told Chief that kids are parking in the CVS parking lot at night, and the music is getting loud at 11:00 and 12:00 on weeknights.  He asked if they could ask them to tone it down a little bit.  Chief said that they have been asked not to hang out at Food Lion and the car wash, so they have moved to CVS.  Councilperson Laprade also said that they are causing some problems for her business. 

Chief Baldwin also said he is getting a lot of complaints of reckless driving and four wheelers on Booker Road.  He said that since it is not a state maintained road, he can not enforce any laws.  Councilperson Jean noted that it is not a state road because some of the residents on the road don't want to give up the right of way.  Chief Baldwin asked if the issue maybe should be readdressed, but Mayor Campbell said that she had talked to them about a year ago, and there were a couple of property owners that were not willing to give up their land.   


Upon motion by Richard Adams, seconded by Robert Jean, and unanimously carried, the Council, in regard to the award on the police vehicle, authorized Chief Baldwin to move forward on that grant, and adopt the Code of Conduct for USDA pertaining to the purchase of the vehicle as follows:


This written code of conduct will govern the performance of all officers, employees, or agents of the Town of Brookneal, engaged in the award and administration of contracts supported by USDA/Rural Development administered funds.  No employee, officer, or agent of the Town of Brookneal, shall participate in the selection, award or administration of a contract supported by USDA/Rural Development administered funds if a conflict of interest, real of apparent would be involved.  None of the above mentioned officers, employees or agents may accept anything of monetary value from contractors, potential contractors, or parties for sub-agreements.  Violation of this Code shall result in penalties, sanctions, and other disciplinary actions as permitted by state and local laws and regulations. 


Public Works Director Mike Crews told Council that VDOT is still working on the railroad crossings in Town.  He said the playground slide at the ballpark and wayfinding signs are complete.  He thanked the Mayor and Council for the Partner Appreciation Luncheon on October 4, 2012.  He also said that the Council needs to look at putting some money in the budget for replacing some of the maintenance workers that are approaching retirement age.    


Public Works Director Mike Crews said that fall clean up will be held October 22 through November 2, 2012. 


In Town Manager Russell Thurston's absence, Mike Crews read a report from him:

·         Public Hearings will be held on the November 13 on the comprehensive plan and updated zoning ordinance.  A meeting of the planning commission will be held at 6:00 p.m.  Councilperson Jean said that he had noted in the zoning ordinance about alleys.  He said that the old ones are grandfathered in, but he wanted to know if it was written down anywhere where an area is officially designated as an alley.  He said that there are some places around town that appear to be alleys.  Mr. Crews said that he would have to check on that. 

·         Council may want to re-evaluate the handicap ramp grant at the community building.  The historic review board is requiring more detailed engineering and architecturally designed documents.  The Town's portion or match is about $2,600.  He said that when Art Powers from USDA was here a few weeks ago he said that if we decide to construct a ramp without federal grant funds then we are not subject to all the historic review process and do not have to comply with the excessive grant requirements.  As long as we follow Campbell County building codes and other such building requirements, we could build a ramp on our own.  The original amount for the ramp is $8,000, but if we go with the federal funding, it could easily balloon into up to $15,000 because they want the historical review and architecture design.  Mr. Crews said that we could wait until we do our budget process next year and budget the money to do this.  He said that we have already had some groups offer free labor to build the ramp if the Town supplies the materials.  He said that the Town could do it a whole lot cheaper by just doing it ourselves. Councilperson Jean asked if this would affect any grants in the future if we didn't follow grant guidelines on the ramp.  Councilperson Adams said that Art Powers with USDA had told us that it would not affect future grant applications. 


                    Upon motion by Richard Adams, seconded by Barbara Laprade, and unanimously

                    carried, the Council voted to forgo the USDA grant process for obtaining the                                  handicap ramp at the community building under the condition that it will not have                       any impact on future grant applications.  He asked that that be verified before

                    moving forward on this project. 


Upon motion by Richard Adams, seconded by Mark Wilkes, and unanimously carried, the Council voted to send the zoning ordinance changes and the comprehensive plan to a public hearing at the next Council meeting on November 13, 2012. 


The following resolution was presented to Mayor Campbell by Vice Mayor James Nowlin and Public Works Director Mike Crews:



Dr. John White Campbell

October 9, 2012

WHEREAS,  Dr. John White Campbell came to Brookneal originally to serve as a part-time physician, but decided to serve full -time as a physician and become a dedicated contributing member of the community, and

WHEREAS,  Dr. Campbell dedicated his medical career to the service of the citizens of Brookneal as a family physician for 34 years, and

WHEREAS,  Dr. Campbell served as the team physician for William Campbell High School for 24 years and supported sports there for even longer, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell provided gratis medical care for Patrick Henry Boys Plantation and physicals for all students participating in sports at William Campbell High and Middle Schools, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell served as physician to Brookneal Rescue Squad and spent countless hours answering calls late at night and/or accompanying patients to the hospital, and 

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell served the larger community of the Lynchburg area as an emergency room physician at Lynchburg General Hospital, now Centra Health, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell exemplified the meaning of the term "good citizen" by being a stalwart member of his church and community by supporting businesses and organizations within the Town and Campbell County, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell, more affably know as "Dr. Jack", personified the meaning of the Hippocratic oath with his ability to remember the medical history of his patients, his knowledge of medicine, and his concern for patients and their well-being whatever the hour, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell was known as a man of great integrity and endearing stories of his football days at E. C. Glass High School and the University of Virginia, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Campbell was an alumna, football player, scholar and diehard "Wahoo" fan, and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Town of Brookneal hereby acknowledges the high esteem in which Dr. Campbell was held by the community and this Council, and 

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT, this "RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION" be recorded in the permanent records of the Town of Brookneal as a testimony of the Town's gratitude to Dr. John White Campbell for his lifelong faithfulness, service and dedication to the citizens of Brookneal and the surrounding community. 

Certified by the Brookneal Town Council this 9th day of October 2012 and attested to by the Vice Mayor James Nowlin and the entire Town Council.


James A. Nowlin, Vice Mayor


There were no committee recommendations. 


Councilperson Laprade said that she met with the Chamber of Commerce, and they are going to take over the entrepreneurial extravaganza.  She said the date has been changed to February 9, 2013.    

Councilperson Wilkes said the sidewalk and steps on the side of Page Wilson's building is an eyesore, and he wanted to see if there is anything that can be done about it.  He said that he knows it is Mr. Wilson's property, but he wants to see if the Town can do something to dress it up. 


Upon motion from Robert Jean, seconded by James Nowlin, and unanimously carried, Mayor Campbell announced that the October 9, 2012, meeting was adjourned. 

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Bobbie A. Waller                                             Phyllis L. Campbell

Clerk/Treasurer                                               Mayor

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