Welcome to the Town of Brookneal Virginia

Founded on the banks of the historic Staunton River, Brookneal’s origin began when Patrick Henry, the Voice of the American Revolution, selected this strategic location for a ferry crossing linking Campbell, Halifax, and Charlotte Counties. The rolling hills and rural landscape form a bucolic setting that inspired our most vocal Founding Father to retire and call this area his home.

One can still imagine wooden bateaux navigating the historic sluices and falls of the Staunton, as they transport tobacco from Brookneal area plantations to markets beyond. Today, residents and visitors still enjoy the serene setting as they canoe down the Staunton, fish for striped bass, or learn our Country’s history as they take in the interpretive experience of Red Hill, Henry’s plantation home.

They can enjoy a round of golf at Hat Creek, taste fine boutique wine at nearby San Soucy Vineyards, or participate in our unique events such as the Day on the Town or Wine Festival. Our residents cherish Brookneal’s hometown atmosphere as they shop for hardware at Guthrie’s as they have for over fifty years, select a handcrafted bouquet at Burton & Jennings, or have a fine steak at Drugstore Grill or family meal at Golden Skillet. Wherever they go, they are welcomed with a friendly, “How are you today”, and a personal touch that has been lost in the fast-paced environment of other places.

Brookneal truly encompasses the characteristics of small towns where we all grew up, and it is no surprise that new residents and visitors quickly fall in love with our town, our people, and our community. We are Brookneal, where Our Liberty is expressed through the independent spirit of community, the freedom to enjoy diverse experiences, and the foundation of small town America.

Annual Day in the Town


Saturday, May 3rd
Come enjoy entertainment, games, food, and more!

Vendor registration form available here.

Brookneal Weather

Brookneal, VA
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