P.O. Box 450/215 Main Street Brookneal, VA 24528

AUGUST 12, 2003


7:00 PM – The regular meeting of the Brookneal met with the following members present:


The municipal government of the Town of Brookneal met with the following members present:


Phyllis Campbell, Mayor

Jack Woodell, James Nowlin, Meg Tibbs, Lee Booker, and Tracy Meisenbach, Council members.

Bill Gillespie, Jr., Town Manager

Laurie C. Francis, Clerk/Treasurer

Mike Crews, Public works Director

Jim Hires, Police Chief





Upon motion by James Nowlin, seconded by Jack Woodell, and unanimously carried, Council approved the agenda with the following addition:


1)    Request for approval of food vouchers for the town employees during Day in the Town




Upon motion by Jack Woodell, seconded by Lee Booker, and unanimously carried council approved the July 10, 2003 minutes with the following correction:


1)    Removal of the names of Jack Woodell and Kenneth Jennings from the list of council members in attendance.





Be it resolved that motion was made3 by James Nowlin, seconded by lee Booker and unanimously carried, authorizing the payment of the in voices for the period of July 9, 2003 to August 11, 2003 in the amount of $19,193.84.





Residents of Virginia Avenue appeared before council to express their concerns about drinking water conditions.


Mrs. Carol Conner complained of a foul odor and a metallic, rusty appearance in the water at her Virginia Avenue home.  Mrs. Conner stated that she had ruined several loads of laundry as a result of this problem.  Mrs. Conner also noted that her hot water heater was full of sediment.  She requested that he town do something to rectify this problem soon.


Mrs. Doris Conner of Virginia Avenue presented Council with water samples taken from her house that appeared to be brown in color.  Mrs. Doris Conner also expressed great concern with the current condition of her water and the water of her neighbors asking that the Town take some sort of immediate action to resolve the situation.


Town Manager, Bill Gillespie explained the situation and was taking the following steps until a more permanent resolution could be enacted.


1)    A testing kit has been ordered to take a more extensive test of the water from Virginia Avenue.  Residents will be notified of the results.

2)    Town employees will be taking water samples on a monthly basis from Virginia Avenue to ensure that the drinking water is safe.

3)    Any Virginia Avenue resident experiencing soiled clothes or damaged hot water heaters is encouraged to file an insurance claim with the town.  Residents are asked to contact the Clerk with claims.


Mr. Gillespie also noted that the town would not be flushing the hydrants again as this seemed to only make the problem worse on Virginia Avenue.


Other residents from Virginia Avenue also appeared before Council requesting assistance with water problem





Council, by consensus, agreed to forgive the July water bills for the Virginia Avenue residents due to the poor water conditions.





Mr. Mike Davidson presented the specifics of a Tobacco grant that will provide an opportunity for the Town to obtain access to wireless broadband service. Mr. Davidson provided council with the mechanics of how the system would be constructed and what the ownership structure would look like.


Council member, Tracy Meisenbach suggested that in lieu of the town charging a rental fee for use of the water tower on which to place the antenna, the Town offices receive free broadband access.


Motion was made by Meg Tibbs to offer the Industrial Development Authority either town water tower for the array for broadband and negotiate free broadband access for the Town offices.


A second was made by James Nowlin.  With all in agreement the motion carried.





Mr. Jamie Campbell of W.W. Associates presented Council with the options available for the upgrade of the Town’s wastewater lagoons.


Council agreed by consensus to table this matter until the September council meeting to allow W.W. Associates to return with more information.





As a part of the inventory process for all Town equipment the council will need to set a dollar limit which will be used to define the level by which equipment will be considered part of the Town’s assets or expendable.


After a brief discussion, Council member Tracy Meisenbach made a motion to establish the beginning dollar amount of the Town’s inventory system be set at $50 (fifty) dollars.  The motion received a second from James Nowlin and was unanimously carried.





Council member Meg Tibbs updated Council on the progress of the Town Park at the Community Building.





Town Manager, Bill Gillespie presented council with information regarding a recent meeting between the Mayor, various staff and the Department of Housing and Community Development.  Mr. Gillespie discussed the possibility of funding for improvements to the downtown area.


Motion was made by Meg Tibbs to authorize the Mayor and the Town Manager to move forward with the process of seeking money from the Tobacco Indemnification Authority for improvements in the downtown area.  Lee Booker seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously carried.





Upon motion by James Nowlin, Mayor Campbell declared the August 12, 2003 meeting of the Municipal Government of the Town of Brookneal adjourned.




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Laurie C. Francis                                                     Phyllis L. Campbell

Clerk/Treasurer                                                        Mayor

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