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The Town of Brookneal is an Equal Opportunity Employer

NOTE: The Town of Brookneal is operated in a nondiscriminatory basis with regards to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, age, or handicap. Complaints of discrimination may be sent to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.



This position serves as the chief administrator for the Town of Brookneal. The successful candidate will be assertive and efficient and possess excellent leadership skills to oversee all town affairs, including budgets, personnel, facilities, procurement, public works, grant administration, police services, and public relations. Emphasis of the work is on applying professional expertise and administering the day-to-day management of the Town with policies established by the Town Council and the Town Charter, and in accordance with various Town, State, and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines. This position works for the Town Council. 

The Town Manager is expected to exercise a considerable degree of independence, initiative, and judgment. Major responsibilities include directing the development and administration of the Town budget and capital programs, overseeing development, planning, and implementation of the strategic plan, setting goals and objectives to meet the operational needs of the Town. 


  1. Maintains rapport with the community by meeting or communicating orally, and in writing, with citizens, business owners, the public in general, civic groups, and the Town Council to resolve concerns and problems, and answer questions.
  2. Attends all meetings of the Town Council, with the right to speak but not to vote. During these meetings advise the Town Council on matters related to Town operations and policies.
  3. Keeps the Town Council advised of the financial condition (in conjunction with the Treasurer) and the future needs of the Town and of all matters pertaining to its proper administration and make such recommendations as may seem to him/her desirable.
  4. Prepares and submits the annual budget of the Town and is responsible for its administration after its adoption. Presents adequate financial and activity reports as required by the Town Council (in conjunction with the Treasurer).
  5. Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by Town Charter, required of him/her in accordance therewith by the Town Council, or required of the administrator of a town by the general laws of the Commonwealth.
  6. Remain informed about issues discussed by council and committees.
  7. Plans, coordinates, and directs the operation of Town departments and programs; evaluates organizational issues and problems and facilitates strategies to resolve issues.
  8. Provides overall organizational leadership and promotes organizational values.
  9. Facilitate and sustain a positive labor rapport, to ensure maximum productivity of employees.
  10. Ensures accountability throughout the Town organization.
  11. Attends and participates in professional groups and committees on a quarterly basis.
  12. Maintains responsibility for intergovernmental relations with other towns, and public and private organizations
  13. Oversees town projects/assist town committees, sidewalk projects, ARPA funds, grants, beautification, etc., working with various agencies (as necessary) implementing projects/handling inquiries such as VDOT, OSHA, DEQ, A-NPDC, etc.

Education and Experience:  A bachelor’s degree in public or business administration or related field. Three years of senior management experience in municipal government is preferred. Experience working with commissions, boards, and committees is preferred.

Licenses or Certifications:  Valid Virginia Driver’s License required.

FULL TIME Preferred – Salary is Determined by Qualification


Submit applications/resumes to:  Town Manager, P. O. Box 450, Brookneal, VA  24528