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September 13, 2022


7:00 PM – The regular meeting of the Brookneal Town Council

The municipal government of the Town of Brookneal met with the following members present:

Richard Adams, Mayor
Mark Wilkes, Vice Mayor
Joseph David, Cynthia Johnson, Scott Fisher and Conner Francis, Council Members
Bobbie Waller, Clerk/Treasurer
Russell Thurston, Town Manager
Mike Crews, Public Works Director
Robert “Bob” Kolich, Chief of Police
Absent:  Barbara Laprade, Council Member



Upon motion by Mark Wilkes, seconded by Conner Francis, and unanimously carried, Council approved the agenda for the September 13, 2022, regular meeting of the Brookneal Town Council.


Upon motion by Conner Francis seconded by Cynthia Johnson, and unanimously carried, Council approved the minutes for the June 14, 2022, July 12, 2022, and August 9, 2022, Town Council meetings.


Mayor Adams asked that the September 2022 treasurer’s report be filed for audit.


Be it resolved that motion was made by Mark Wilkes, seconded by Joseph David, and unanimously carried, authorizing the payment of the invoices for the period of August 10, 2022 through September 13, 2022, in the amount of $85,079.66.


Tracy Meisenbach, of 527 Cook Avenue, told Council that she runs the Brookneal Network Facebook page. She said they have a broad audience. She said that the reach for the Brookneal pages is in the millions, and they reach people all over the world. She said that the internet is very important to this town and the Facebook pages and websites affect the commerce in Brookneal overall. She said more businesses should be encouraged to create Facebook pages and web pages.


Chief Robert Kolich said that of the 178 calls for service, 157 were answered by the Brookneal Police Department and 21 by the Campbell County Sheriff’s office. Councilperson Francis asked Chief Kolich about a complaint he has received about grass clippings being in the roadway and what could be done about that. Mr. Francis said that he was told that it could be a hazard especially for motorcycles; he said he was given a copy of a state code concerning this. Chief Kolich said he would check on this with the commonwealth’s attorney. Chief Kolich said VDOT throws a lot of stuff in the roadway when they cut grass along the roadways and as long as it is not intentionally done, then he does not consider it a crime.


Public Works Director Mike Crews showed the Council an example of the new water meters that have been installed in the Town in the last couple of months.


Town Manager Russell Thurston thanked new Police Chief Kolich and Officer Tanner for their hard work in the police department. Mr. Thurston also thanked Mr. Crews and Ms. Waller for their work on getting the new water meter system up and running smoothly. He said that he met with Campbell County administrator Frank Rogers concerning the resolution the Council passed regarding the Town animal control ordinances. He said Mr. Rogers has turned that resolution into the County legal counsel, and he said he would let everyone know what happens with that. He said he told Mr. Rogers that any help the County could give the Town in regard to this would be much appreciated. He said he submitted a grant application for $25,000 that would help with an underground well study; the grant is for $25,000. He said he has had a large number of requests for zoning information; he said people are looking at vacant or unimproved lots in the Town.

He said he has received several applications for the “New Beginnings” grant; he said he wants to announce the award winners at the October 2022 Council meeting. Councilperson Johnson asked Mr. Thurston if there are not enough people applying for this grant, could that money be used for buildings that have structural problems. Mr. Thurston said that yes, there is some grant money in the budget for demolition of buildings.


There were no committee recommendations.


Councilperson Johnson said that local businesses are working on Trick or Treat on Main Street, and she wanted to make sure there were no issues with having this on Monday, October 31, 2022. She also asked about the parade, and if any thought has been given to a theme.

Councilperson Francis said that the Brookneal Community Alliance met last night, and they are forming a new organization. He said they are working on getting their 501C3, and working on their by-laws. He also said that Winfall Baptist Church is opening an academy just outside of the Town of Brookneal in the next year in an abandoned church building that has been donated to them.


Upon motion by Mark Wilkes, seconded by Joseph David, and unanimously carried, Mayor Adams announced that the September 13, 2022, Council meeting was adjourned.

Bobbie A. Waller: Clerk/Treasurer

Richard Adams: Mayor

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