P.O. Box 450/215 Main Street Brookneal, VA 24528

Reference: Residential Property (R1) Zoning

Property Address: 311 Virginia Avenue, Brookneal VA 24528 Tax Map: 103C-27-6-31A

Certified Contractors: Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Required To:

  1. Obtain a demolition permit from Campbell County VA. Adress is 85 Carden Lane, Rustburg VA 24588
  2. Contact all utilities--- Dominion Energy, cable, gas company, water and sewer should all be disconnected from the property
  3. Dispose of all debris at a qualified location, i.e. landfill or approved location
  4. Protect all surrounding properties while work is being done

Submit all bids to the Town of Brookneal. The address is 215 Main Street / P. O. Box 450 Brookneal VA 24528.

Any additional information you can contact our office at 434-376-3124

J. Michael Crews
Public Works Director