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brookneal town manager russell thurston retirement

Big shout out to the Union Star for covering the retirement of Brookneal Town Manager, Russell Thurston. We are so grateful for the work he has done for the community. Read the article below.

Thurston retires as Brookneal Town Manager, looks forward to devoting time to family, farm, and woodworking

By Alice Prival

The Union Star News Correspondent

Though it would appear that Russell Thurston’s decision to resign from his position as Town Manager of Brookneal would indicate retirement, that is far from the case. He is prioritizing the many options that are on his “want to do” list!

At the top of Thurston’s list from a business aspect is spending more time cultivating his pecan farm that he started 13 years ago and shares gratefully, “We live on a beautiful farm outside of Brookneal.” Thurston explains, “I have learned how to do grafting of trees and in the future I may sell the grafted trees to others who are interested in growing Pecan trees. I have 40 chickens that lay eggs so I have had a robust egg selling business over the years.”

Besides the Pecan Farm and the chickens Thurston has another favorite occupation that has been seen on people’s businesses, at their weddings, and in their homes…woodworking.

He has his own woodworking shop where he mainly makes signs for businesses, homes, doctors, and wedding venues.

Top of the list personally is spending more time with his “Beach Bride,” Juliane, the love of his life, whom he met on the beach when their families were vacationing one summer on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He states with obvious affection, “I still love my pretty Beach Bride!”

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